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Having the flexibility to choose how our life is shaped is a rare and wonderful thing. So if we want ...
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Calling all landlords! Do you want to maximise your occupancy & increase your rental income? Dis ...
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Discover the five reasons why people choose serviced living Modern living means bigger demands. Whe ...
  • Meet the team
  • Zakee
Livinc x Meet The Team: Zakee   Kicking things off with our Meet the Team series, let’s ...
  • Pet Friendly
A Guide To Finding A Pet-Friendly Neighbourhood   Being a pet owner, the top priority on you ...
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Analysis of the current property market in the UK – the current restrictions and how has the p ...
  • Rentals in London
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The land of opportunities - London is home to the most iconic places in the world. Whether you&rsquo ...
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When travelling for business you want your time away from home to be smooth and enjoyable. So whethe ...
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  • Sheffield
Famously known as Steel City - Sheffield is located in the eastern foothills of the Pennines and fal ...
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  • Award-Winning
Here at Livinc, we strive on making your customer journey as seamless as possible. From enquiring on ...
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  Are you looking for a property to rent? Make sure you read our ‘Guide to renting&rsquo ...
  • Meet the team
As per the boss’ request next up on our Meet the Team series is Amy, our Brand Manager (Market ...
  • Sheffield
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Sheffield is the largest settlement in South Yorkshire, its name derives from the River Sheaf which ...
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  • Leeds
Leeds is one of the most accessible cities in the heart of England, with rail access to every corner ...
  • Relocation
  • UK
  • London
Last year over 1 million expats relocated to the UK, with London being named as the financial hub of ...
  • Serviced Apartments
As the way we work and travel continues to evolve, serviced apartments are becoming an increasingly ...
  • Dublin
Dublin is the largest city and Capital of Ireland located on the East Coast. Full of culture and nat ...
  • Dubai
  • Luxury
Dubai, a popular city located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is famous for its luxurious lifesty ...
  • London
  • Summer Activities
As the sun-soaked days of summer approach, the vibrant city of London emerges from its hibernation, ...
  • Manchester
  • Things to do
Manchester, a vibrant city in the heart of the United Kingdom, is known for its rich industrial hist ...
  • Cape Town
  • Top 5
Since our recent expansion into South Africa, we thought it’s only best we share some of the t ...
  • Autumn
  • Rental Apartments
As the sweltering heat of summer slowly gives way to the crisp, cool embrace of autumn, there's no b ...
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Welcome to Livinc, your ultimate destination for serviced accommodation that redefines comfort and c ...
  • 2024
  Get ready to mark your calendars because 2024 is set to be an electrifying year for Livinc! ...
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  • New Year
As we navigate through what feels like day 285 of January, conquering the persistent January blues b ...
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  • Long Stay Accommodation
Extended Stay 101If you’ve ever stayed in accommodation for longer than a typical hotel stay, ofte ...