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  • Corporate
Meet Peter, a seasoned business traveller who frequently visits different cities for meetings, confe
  • Contractor
Meet John, a seasoned contractor who has been working in construction for over 10 years. John is alw
  • International Traveller
Meet Jane, an international traveller who loves to explore new cultures and countries. She is a 35-y
  • Luxury Guest
Meet Ellie, when she travels she enjoys staying in luxury apartments and high-end rentals. Livinc pr
  • Freelancer
  • Digital Nomad
My name is Susan and I am a freelancer and digital nomad. I have been working remotely for several y
  • Relocator
Meet Susan - a busy executive who has just received a promotion that requires her to relocate to a n
  • Leisure Guest
Meet Laura, a 35-year-old professional from London who loves to travel and explore new places during