Co-living in Munich

We’re delighted to bring co-living to Munich through the Livinc platform. You will have a selection of co-living houses in Munich, serviced apartments in Munich and rental apartments in Munich to choose from. Livinc is completely flexible, offering tenancies from 1 month to 12 months so whether you’re looking for short-term apartments in Munich or long-term apartments in Munich, we’ve something for you.


Livinc’s community is diverse and strives to welcome all. Our key audiences are young professionals relocating, freelancers searching for flexibility to explore, urban professionals in need of hassle-free accommodation plus digital nomads looking for accommodation.


About co-living


We provide a co-living rental solution through a range of all-inclusive and flexible hotel rooms, serviced apartments, and houseshares. Livinc creates and provides luxury co-living spaces that encourages young professionals to interact, experience flexible living, and ultimately live the way you want in Munich.


Discover a new way to live, share and rent in Munich.


All-inclusive. No hassle, no fuss. All of our Livinc properties include bills and rent under one price. Our guests can enjoy life to the fullest whilst leaving the boring bits to us.



We are flexible. We offer flexible bookings from 1 month to 12 months, so our guests can choose what works best for them.



We’re community inspired. Livinc provides a physical place for people to come together and connect through shared beliefs and values. At Livinc we’re passionate about and committed to creating a community for our guests to thrive in.



About Munich


Munich is the capital city of Bavaria with a thriving economy based around high tech, automobiles, the service sector and creative industries. Being the largest city in Bavaria, and an ever-growing population that currently sits at around 1.5 million people, Munich also has the strongest economy of any German city and is the economic centre of Southern Germany.


Munich is a perfect co-living destination with a wealth of opportunities for employment, shopping, culture and entertainment. Compared to the rest of Germany, Munich has the lowest unemployment rates with employment levels continuing to rise over the last 10 years. Munich is the ideal social hub for short stay and extended stay travellers with the highest proportion of foreign nationals that currently stands at around 28.5% from 191 countries, cementing its character as an open-minded city of diversity.


A recent work-life balance study produced by Kisi, but the Bavarian capital second place worldwide whilst achieving an overall score of 98.3 out of 100, making Munich the ideal co-living destination for those who like to work hard and play harder. At the heart of the city, you will find Munich’s world-famous square, Marienplatz a hub for several of the city’s largest celebrations, such as the Christmas market, the city’s anniversary celebrations, the Glockenspiel, championship celebrations for FC Bayern or public gatherings for a variety of occasions.


Not only does Munich boast a multitude of centuries-old buildings, museums, art galleries and flagship retail stores, but it’s also the home to the world’s largest beer and folk festival. Oktoberfest is Munich’s annual folk festival that runs between 16 to 18 days from mid-September to the first Sunday in October. The festival welcomes over six million visitors every year and hosts a wide range of traditional German beer, local cuisine, attractions, amusement rides, souvenir stalls and games. If you’re a digital nomad looking to live in one of the worlds most exciting cities with a wealth of opportunities for new experiences, a co-living space in Munich is the right place for you.


Munich is well connected by an extensive public transport system with underground trains (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn), trams and busses. For international and global travel, Munich airport has state of the art facilities and even has its own Christmas market that runs from mid-November to the end of December.